Chapter 4 – Nin nin nin! A sneaking mission (appendix be damned!)

Well, my appendix did everything in its power (more on this later) to keep me from posting chapter 4, but it has failed miserably as I have now posted it anyway!  This chapter adds a flavor of espionage to our story, and will formally introduce you to someone you might’ve been wondering about up until now.

Our amazing guest artist for this week is Yukiko Otsu.  I’ve known Yukiko for over ten years now and it’s hard to say I’ve ever met anyone who personifies art the way she does, be it via illustration, arts and crafts, cooking, fashion, you name it.  She’s gone full fantasy in her rendition of chapter 4.  Be sure to check out her blog.

Noal creeps a peculiar individual...

Click for a bigger version

So yes, I had appendicitis.  It took a day to diagnose and 2 days of waiting to excise from my body.  I wasn’t able to eat or drink for over 80 hours!  Thankfully the operation went off without a hitch and I’m currently at home recuperating (and eating again!).  There’s definitely some pain, but I’m doing my best not to take the painkillers since they’re just not good for you in general.

Thanks for all the well wishes!

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