A harsh reality. The cost of victory

This is it.  The final chapter of the teaser is now online!  This rounds out the Fortune Town arc, and sadly, the portion of The Golden Thread that I will be posting online.  I hope you enjoyed this brief teaser of what the final book has to offer.

Click for a bigger version

I had always planned to do the final piece of art, but I hadn’t settled on a style until just last week.  Rather than just go with a regular inline art though, I wanted to do something a little special – so I came up with this movie poster-ish idea.  Who is this mechanical monstrosity?  Well, that’s something you’ll find out when the final book is published…

Even though this is the end of the teaser, make no mistake there is still 2/3 of a finished book and an entire series in the works.  This was a great experiment for me, and so now I go back to do some edits and start sending it off to publishers again.  The final version may change a bit from the one that’s on here now, but now you can say you were a part of that process!

Wish me luck!

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