Chapter 7 – The Power unleashed! Lightning Strikes Thrice

Well this is it – the big climax.  This is the moment the teaser has been building to.  What’s going to happen when Noal unleashes the full might of The Power?  Find out now!

I’d also like to give a special thanks to this week’s artist, Henry She.  His depiction of Cil and, well I won’t give anything away but suffice to say her “helper” for now, is beautiful.  This project was actually what gave me the opportunity to talk with Henry again, and I really urge you to check out his work.

Click for a larger version

Sadly, there’s only one chapter left in the teaser.  That won’t be the end of the news though!  This experiment has gotten me some really great insight into what people like and don’t like, so expect changes coming soon.  I’m also working on some teaser art for the entire book itself, so stay tuned to Twitter and Facebook for those updates!

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