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Chapter 7 – The Power unleashed! Lightning Strikes Thrice

Well this is it – the big climax.  This is the moment the teaser has been building to.  What’s going to happen when Noal unleashes the full might of The Power?  Find out now! I’d also like to give a … Continue reading

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Chapter 6 – Enter Uwei. The test of wills!

I can’t believe I almost totally spaced out on updating the blog post!  Well, for those who hadn’t noticed yet, chapter 6 is now up so why don’t you give it a read?  We’re only two chapters away from the … Continue reading

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The story of story – According to Pixar

Well this is it; we’re nearing the end of the teaser!  Only three chapters left in the Fortune Town story arc, and it all begins next week!  Incidentally, the next two chapters were my absolute favorites to write of this … Continue reading

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