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What will you do with what Fate has given you?

Fate, its power binds us all.  From a delicate butterfly to a raging storm, the pull of Fate's threads touch every aspect of life.  Few acknowledge it and even fewer comprehend it, but one thing is for certain.  Nobody can escape it.  

For young Ella Gant, the laws of fate have twisted life into an irritating oxymoron. After all, with her fortune telling abilities, life should be an endless cornicopia of possibilities, but instead she finds herself constantly opressed by the endless rules and regulations governing the use of her powers.

So when she meets a young bounty hunter named Noal, she decides to throw caution to the wind and join him on an adventure that will finally let her stretch her abilities to their absolute limit. But once she finds that limit, will her powers still be strong enough to overcome what fate throws at her?

Threads of Fate is a science-fiction / fantasy series by Matthew Chan, and is currently seeking publication.

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